Mullins2 + Oh What Joy

Josh and I are lucky to have such great friends that also happen to have pretty cool jobs. One of my best friends, Kim Bimat owns a vintage rental company, Oh What Joy! , renting out some of the cutest even decor you have ever seen. Their inventory ranges from vintage suitcase and couches all the way to church pews.  We were lucky to get to be a part of her collaboration with one of our other good friends, Ellie Mullins, the cutest half of the father daughter photography team Mullins2 . Like I said, we got really lucky. 

Here are some of our favorite shots. 

my husband likes it.

My love for red lipstick took a sharp turn into obsession the other day when I bought Nars - fire down bellow. I am obsessed. I saw it on Pinterest, saying it was supposed to be a universally flattering red for any skin tone because it was based on the color of human blood. Sounds gross, but it is actually the opposite of gross. Magical really. Fell in love with it and I am pretty sure you will too.


I like to wear it with a natural golden shadow and a cat eye. Let the lip be your focal point so you don't overwhelm the rest of you features and look like a drag queen. For a date I can't wait to do a bronze smokey eye with it for a more dramatic effect. You might want to contour a little bit more than normal too because it does tend to give your skin a bit more color!

Tip - use a Qtip and chap stick to line  the outside of your lips before you put on your lipstick. The chapstick outside of your lips will act as a buffer for your red to not get on your skin and stain it. Also, it is better to have fully moisturized lips so that the color doesn't settle in the cracks of your lips. 

My husband practically drooled over it. And so did my friend's fiance when she wore it. So ladies take note, men love a confident girl with big pouty red lips. Get it girls.