Cove David Warren

Cove David, you are worth the wait. You are worth the pain, the tears, the are worth it all. I have loved every second with you and cannot believe how lucky I am to be your mommy. We can't wait to meet you!! Here are some sweet photos of how we announced we were pregnant!

Cove was a name Josh actually brought up and loved, it grew on me over time. We talked about it a couple years ago and it made it's way up to the top of the list when it was time. When I became pregnant, I said, "if it's a boy, I think it's Cove in there!" 

We love that Cove is unique but strong and masculine. We anchored it with a more traditional middle name, David, after Josh's middle name. Josh was named after his late Grandpa Dave, whom he loved and adored. Most of you know him as the Coca Cola Grandpa and the reason we Warren's collect Coke memorabilia / why Josh has Coca Cola tattoo'd on his inner arm. We are so happy to pass down his name and continue honoring his beloved Grandpa. 

All our photos were taken by our good friend, Mr Jon Deviny! Thank you so much Jon for lending us your talent, to his beautiful wife for being his assistant and my cheerleader, and to little Oliver for being the cutest baby ever. You guys are the best.

Can't wait to post some of my favorite pregnancy selfies later this week! Follow me on Instagram to see more of em :)