I be up in the gym working on my fitness.

My workout struggles, other than the obvious ones like getting there, have always been typically what us girls always deal with... what do I wear and how am I going to do my hair? So in effort to help guide you through my daily struggles here are my favorite bsp's (black stretchy pants...obviously), my favorite way to wear my mane while getting sweaty, my favorite shoes, and my yummy post workout shakes!  I'm guessing / hoping that you too are struggling with such tough topics and just wondering what I'm wearing / eating to get through each workout. No? Maybe? 

I live for bps's, like the rest of the female population. I mean, we all like to wear them even if we haven't worked out. They at least it makes us look like we worked out / also function as socially acceptable sweat pants. Honestly though, when it comes to quality bsp's....the pickins are slim. Yes, I love Lululemon as much as the next girl, but can't a girl get a pair of great pants for under $85?? I have found the truth to be, YES! 

I love my Athleta Chaturanga tights, in a size small (I usually wear a medium or small and these are perfect in a small.) They are so comfy! Great for cross training or yoga / barre. I haven't ran a lot in them and honestly probably won't since they aren't made for that. I have found that to be key for quality running pants, they have to be a different fabric....

Which leads me to my favorite running pants, my Victoria Secret VSX tights. I ran my half marathon in them last year and they are gems. Super good quality. The fabric is a little thicker, perfect for running in the winter. Plus I always get told how cute my butt looks in em from Josh, so I'll take it. 

My Lulu's that I love are the Wunder Unders. Wonderful for my daily cross training workouts and I do run in them as well. I don't run as far as I used to though so I can't give you my word for a lot mileage! I did have the problem that a lot of women had with their pants getting holes in them along the seam. I had the inspire crops in a size 6, which is what I wear in all of their other pants.  Recently, I took them in and they gave me a brand new pair a size up. Apparently they recommend doing that for their running pants since the fabric is compression material. I'll keep you posted if those hold up better. I can fully appreciate that they honored their gurantee and replaced them...as they should for their cost. 

On to the hair. My hair is super long and working out is honestly the only time that my hair fully annoys me. Not enough to cut it yet, but pretty damn close somedays. When I run, a ponytail with like 3 rubber bands and a NorthFace headband is actually my favorite. Keepin it classy. But when I am working out at the gym doing burpees and pushups and all those fun things, I have to have it off my back. So my go to is the obvious high messy bun with 2 -3 rubberbands for maximum stability. As a hair stylist though, it makes me cringe. Wearing your hair that high up on your head on a regular basis is asking for breakage. So lately I have started wearing my hair in really tight french braids, Katniss style. Or, what in a style I like to call the Jasmine. Fancy right? It's a half up, then another pony and another, maybe add in a braid from there. It's hard to make it anything too cute when you are just going to sweat and its 5 am, but I have to switch it up to avoid mass amounts of baby hairs around my nape. 

On to the kicks. Shoes are so important!!! I love Nike as much as the next girl. Trust me. I have tons of Nikes. But Asics have kicked Nikes butt in my book as far as comfort in a running shoe and cross trainer. I have the Asics Gel Nimbus 15 for running and they're like running on clouds. Oh, which by the way, they now have the 16's out so the 15's are all super on sale! And recently I just got the Asics Gel Training shoe for cross training because my Nikes I was using weren't enough cushion. I hurt my knee running last year and have had sensitive knees ever since. I really need good support and cushion when we are jumping around and doing sprints. I still  LOVE my Nikes for wearing on my day off, around town, and out on walks, but I just can't depend on them for my workouts any more. 

Post work out, I literally can't wait for my shake. Lately I have been hooked on my version of healthy chocolate milk! I use unsweetened almond milk, french vanilla ON whey protein & like 1/2 tsp of Hershey's dark cocoa. SO GOOD. That or I will do almond milk, vanilla protein & a tbsp of PB2 & sprinkle of cinnamon. Nothing you have probably never heard of but...so yummy!!

I am just your average girl, trying to get fit and these are my thoughts. I am always wondering / looking at what other girls are wearing & what is working for them. Please tell me any of your thoughts or favorites! I know that these are things I am googling when I am looking for a shake or looking for new workout gear. One of the bonus's of working out is looking cute while you do it right? Right? 

With love, 

your wanna be fit girl, Lexi