It's June, but Christmas card photos, am I right?

We might be a week into June, but you guys still really want to see our family Christmas card photos right? 

I am finally updating all of our photos on our walls and I am obsessed with our shoot we did with Becky Davis in Santa Barbara this past late fall. Cove was hamming it up for the camera and I was smiling so hard it was making my cheeks hurt. These are the days people! 

I cannot believe this was November, already freaking 7 months ago! In ways, that looks just like Cove now! But in other ways, I am like, that is baby Cove and I have toddler Cove now. His neck is elongated, he's less chubby, ugh helloooo he's walking now! He couldn't even stand alone or walk here, AH! Wait and he only had like 2 or 4 teeth!! Time is flying and I am forever grateful for this beautiful evening and giggling with my boys on a mountain top. 

11-06 Warren Family-0039.jpg