spring & summer styles for bub.

Ok, who has more fun shopping for their kids than themselves? Or it's at least damn close, am I right??!!!

I feel like I am constantly on the hunt for cute boy clothes. People are always asking where I shop for Cove and honestly, everywhere. That kid is always growing and so I am always trying to keep up, restocking his wardrobe.

Here are some of my favorite spring & summer picks for the little man so far!! 

1. Salt Water sandals in black & tan 2. Freshly Picked Moccs in weathered brown and Jetset Geo 3. Target : Cat & Jack shorts 4. Target : Cat & Jack swim 5. Zara - all Zara Baby boy 6. Nordstroms Rack : Tailor Vintage

What are your favorite places to shop for your littles? I am on the hunt for some sweet Insta shops to partner with, would love to know your favorites!!