Hey everyone! Back at blogging & trying to play ketchup. Or catchup, whatever. Here are some quick catchup snipits of our sweet little life over here in Camarillo, CA these days!

I work part time at Posh in Camarillo, slowly rebuilding my clientele here! I also still travel back to Clovis every 6-8 weeks for my loyal lovely clientele. It has been such a joy to be able to work when I want to, but still hard not to beat myself up when I am away from Cove. I completely see what mamas mean though when they say you need that time to yourself,  it makes you a better mom because of it. Sometimes I don't even know I need it and I get into the salon, and I'm like, "I feel more like myself already." I didn't even know I wasn't feeling like myself!! But being a hairdresser isn't just my job, it's my art. It's one of my passions! And I truly love getting that time with people. Though Cove is my number one job now days, hair will forever be my love!!

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Since I am predominantly a stay at home mommy, I am also gifted with a teeny bit of spare time that I get to invest into my blog! I am taking this time to focus on what I love to read, follow, and what I feel like me and my friends mainly talk about. I have been so thankful to have a group of mom friends that I stay in contact with over silly things like, "how to get your kid to poop" and to harder things like scheduling or sleeping. They have truly made motherhood not lonely! A lot of us are stay at home moms, but even if you work full time, motherhood can sometimes be lonely or isolating. My mama friends are all over the country, so having a mom group on Facebook has been a big blessing! We are each different, as are our kiddos, so parenting reflects that, but we can all learn so much from each other. Ultimately, I have found motherhood to be so deeply bonding and empowering as a woman.  #momsquad

photo by Becky Davis

photo by Becky Davis

Still on the hunt for a church down here but to be honest with the baby and travel and everything, we haven't been actively pursuing it either. I am starting to desperately crave a church family and getting Cove plugged into a good group of little buddies! Praying that we find our church home soon and that I have the energy and commitment to get my butt there :)

I'm reading the Power of the Praying Wife and holy crap, I am being wrecked. Has anyone else read this? Seriously, revolutionizing my prayer life for me, Josh and Cove. I recommend it to every single wifey out there!!

My next couple posts are in works, I am putting together my favorite baby gear and mama gear. I have had so much fun reading other blogs and talking with my friends about their gear, I decided to write my own post of recommendations. 

Here, you guys will find my life in posts, from being a new mom to being a wife. From being a Christian woman to how to style your hair and what stroller I use. A true lifestyle blog from me to you! 

I would love to hear form you & have you follow along!! All my contact info is bellow. 

Happy Wednesday!