earth day 2015

Who doesn't love the Earth? Honestly, it's amazing. Our world is so beautiful! Moving up to Washington, we are surrounded by so much beauty. Our city, Bellingham, sits on the bay, surrounded by the San Juan Islands. With the mountains all around us, there are evergreens everywhere. They're so magical and smell so amazing. On a windy day, you walk out the front door and it just smells like Christmas. 

Living in such a unique community, like Bellingham, has really opened up both mine and Josh's eyes to how we live and what we do regularly that affects the Earth. It's true we have gotten a little bit hippie since moving here. Yes, I wear Birkenstocks. The stereotypes are true... people of Washington tend to be total tree huggers. Ok, but have you seen the freaking trees? You would be hugging em too. So without going completely to growing out my armpit hair and making my own deodorant, we have embraced some greener traits. Here are some of how the Warrens are making small steps towards a greener Earth mixed in with some of my favorite shots of Washington by both Josh and I.


BYOB - bring your own bag

This is an easy one to get used to in Bellingham because plastic bags are illegal. Yep, illegal. There are bags available for purchase anywhere, or free paper bags sometimes, but in general, our community has embraced just bringing your own reusable bags with you. Not a hard habit to form and really a great save on not having all those plastic bags. 


Recycle & starting to compost

We have always recycled, but we have really upped our game here. I even just got our first compost bin! Ah, I know, so Bham! We won't be using our compost for us, the city will be picking it up on trash day, but someday when we finally get chickens (eh, hem...Josh!!) we will be saving scraps for those chicks as well. It's such an easy thing to do as soon as you get used to separating recycling, trash & compost. We can significantly lower what needs to go into landfills.


Shorter showers

Josh and I love a steaming hot shower. It is so relaxing. By taking shorter showers you can save thousands of gallons of water per person every year. 4 minutes off each shower is said to save 4000 gallons of water each year! That's crazy! 

Run your washer on cold

With great washers and detergent now days, there are very few things that need to be washed in hot water! It saves tons of energy by not using hot water for each load of laundry.

No plastic water bottles

We were never big on buying plastic water bottles to begin with, but we don't at all any more. We both have committed to using our water bottles, well I should say my Starbucks tumbler, instead and fill them up throughout the day. Add bonus, easy to keep track of how many ounces of water you're drinking everyday! 

Being away from home and watching, our community in the Central Valley especially, go through the crisis of having no more water is terrifying. The Earth is something we just cannot keep taking advantage of. I'm not saying we should all stop driving cars and washing our hair, but I am saying I can shorten my shower by 4 minutes. I can separate my recyclables from my trash. Taking these small steps and making good habits for our Earth are something we can all do. So happy #Earthday peeps, go get out there, explore, and be inspired to protect this beautiful Earth we live on! 


Lexi Loo