pink hair please.

Since I was about 3, I have wanted pink hair. Always. I did a couple streaks for like a week when I was 18, but I always wanted Barbie pink hair. There was always an excuse why I kept putting it off. I was always saying, "this summer I'm going to do pink hair." or "maybe after this I will do pink finally." Well people,  the time has come. I finally followed through and I officially have pink hair!

At first, I wanted to do a rose gold type of pink, it is definitely having it's moment as the color of the moment. It would be a subtle step into pink. We first balayaged and toned my usual level 10 ash to counter all my warmth I pull. We then put on Pravana pink with some lavender and a pearl toner. The picture bellow was after that and it was pretty...just not what I wanted. I wanted to stay light but be rosey. Even looking at it now, it looks pretty, but just not what I was wanting. I then tried several toners and it did not work at all how it was supposed to. My hair just ended up grabbing very muddy and toned down my blonde to a light brown instead of turning rose. So after several attempts for that tone, I decided, screw it. I want pink hair. And I want it now. 

So now, we would need to remove the toners we had tried with with a color remover. Luckily they were all direct dyes (pure pigment like manic panic or pravana) and demi permanent color, so it would come out easily. We used Davines 000 with 30 vol. Then to make sure my cuticle was really open and ready to grab that color, we did a shampoo cap (bleach + shampoo) for like 5 minutes. I was now back to a level 10 and had a bit of coral-y tone to my hair. Basically a slight color correction!

We then added Davines Finest Pigments (their demi-permanent line) a mix of their neutral (clear) and mahogany. Let it sit for about 10 minutes probably and shampoo / conditioned. It was definitely pretty bright at first and kind of freaked me out every time I looked in the mirror. But honestly, I love it. It is such a change for me! And, surprisingly, my husband loves it too! 

It has been so much fun to do different braids and styles with, even curling it is just so much fun. Because it is demi or sometimes can even behave more like a semi permanent, this is a great way to try out different colors. It will eventually fade and go back to blonde or a really pale pale pink. 

My advice for these fun fashion colors is to have pretty healthy hair to start, because you are going to have to get pretty light for them to show up the way you want. You will have to bleach / highlight to get to a level 9 or 10 before they show up. My pieces of my hair that aren't lifted high enough just literally didn't grab. 

Go to someone who knows what the heck they are doing. I am personally not a super experienced stylist with fashion colors. I am very confident and experienced with natural colors and all that that entails...but I am just really starting to play with pastels and other unnatural tones. They aren't the same and can do some weird stuff at times. So trust your stylist and be patient. 

Think about trying colored conditioners! Davines has these incredible alchemic conditioners that have color pigment in them that can tone your hair lightly, or it can be done to give more color that is still temporary and will last a week or two! Here is a great youtube video of a girl with blonde hair trying out the Davines red conditioner.

These tinted conditioners are great to maintain your color, fashion or not. I use their blue conditioner when I have highlights to avoid being brassy. Their brown one is fantastic for brunettes that fade too!

So what are your favorite colors that are trending right now? I am still loving all of the silver, lavender, and rose colors! Who is feeling bold and ready for some color? Or what is holding you back from taking the plunge? 

Love to hear from you guys!!!


Lexi Loo