spring & summer styles for bub.

Ok, who has more fun shopping for their kids than themselves? Or it's at least damn close, am I right??!!!

I feel like I am constantly on the hunt for cute boy clothes. People are always asking where I shop for Cove and honestly, everywhere. That kid is always growing and so I am always trying to keep up, restocking his wardrobe.

Here are some of my favorite spring & summer picks for the little man so far!! 

1. Salt Water sandals in black & tan 2. Freshly Picked Moccs in weathered brown and Jetset Geo 3. Target : Cat & Jack shorts 4. Target : Cat & Jack swim 5. Zara - all Zara Baby boy 6. Nordstroms Rack : Tailor Vintage

What are your favorite places to shop for your littles? I am on the hunt for some sweet Insta shops to partner with, would love to know your favorites!! 



one woman's trash...

I have discovered Bellingham is a big fan of consignment stores, and in turn, I am starting to realize, so am I. I haven't sold any of my clothes to any stores yet, but that bag in the corner of my room full of clothes I was going to donate says that will soon change. Other than my sweet boots mentioned in my previous post, which I found at Serendipity, I recently found these gems at Buffalo Exchange.

black linen dress // black & white Theory blazer // multi color snake skin Deena & Ozzy pumps

And since I packed my huge copy of The Chronicles of Narnia in God knows which box, I picked up what I could find at Value Village. If you haven't read them, I highly recommend it! They are still to this day some of my favorite books, even if I did read them for the first time in like 5th grade. Couldn't pass up a copy of Harry either, obviously.

Happy thrifting!!



CA wardrobe, meet WA.

...and keep us California natives warm without looking like puff balls...

When we first even started talking about moving from sunny CA to Bellingham WA, one of my thoughts was, "what will I wear?" No joke. That is a legitimate concern for all girls on a regular basis, let alone when you are completely changing climates. It's cold and rainy here and I was used to needing mainly tank tops and shorts for at least half the year in Clovis. It was a serious adjustment to be made in my wardrobe without breaking the bank. 

We decided on doing one big jacket each at first to get us there, then we could adjust or add as needed. We both went with The North Face & are both extremely happy with them. We had to have a hood and keep us California natives warm without looking like puff balls, we're trying to blend in here after all.

I got the Lola Soft Shell Trench in black. Josh got the Momentum TriClimate 3 in 1 also in black.

So far the weather has been amazing in Bellingham and I have been surprised how well my clothes work here. I have always loved coats, boots, and big sweaters and now I am finally getting to put all of them to good use! I have been layering my loose chunky sweaters with a fitted plain long sleeve for warmth. Wearing a lot of scarves, big surprise. My favorite has been my infinity scarf my friend Jamie knit me (on in the above pictures). And a beanie for rainy days with second day hair...or just because.

One of my funnest purchases has been my furry Army North Face boots. I found them, never been used, at a consignment store in downtown Fairhaven. I am so excited about this place, their owner is picky about what they bring in and she gets most of it from Seattle so it's higher end quality stuff. I even found a nice big Lululemon fleece there too! But what I love about my boots is that they are not at all what I was thinking I wanted, but they are so fun and add so much to my outfit, whether it be running to breakfast with Josh or going on a hike. To top it off they were only $45.

Ever since we made it official that we were moving to a climate that rains a ton, I finally had the reason I needed to buy myself some Hunter wellies. I could never justify them in CA where it rains about 4 times a year. They are literally a necessity to me these days. I was lucky enough to find a pair on sale at REI recently for $95 instead of their usual $150 at Nordstroms.

I am going to try to get better about posting more about what I am wearing and where I am finding great stuff. Hope you enjoyed a peak in my closet!